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Sustainable agroforestry systems for nut and fruit production

Work Package 1

In order to improve the understanding of existing agroforestry systems in Central Asia, SUFACHAIN will describe and analyse existing systems along a height and water availability gradient. Based on these analyses, new agro-silvopastoral and/or silvopastoral systems will be developed, which include, in addition to fruit and nut trees, lucrative crops and forage plants and/or farm animals, and take into account water extraction and drip irrigation technologies.

The solutions should also be resistant to climate change-related stressors. The performance of these agroforestry systems is evaluated in field tests and the plant development is compared with existing cultivation systems. In addition to estimating water consumption, a particular focus is on the detailed quantification of nutrient consumption and the carbon storage of plants and soils in existing and new systems.

Main Objectives:

  • Evaluation of existing AF systems in three study regions along altitude and water availability gradients
  • Development of locally adapted water and nutrient efficient AF systems with high productivity using existing test surfaces and “false-time series”
  • Evaluation of agronomic performance of redesigned agroforestry systems
  • Quantification of the carbon storage potential of local trees and other plant biomass and soils