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Who is Who

The SUFACHAIN project consortium consists of 26 partners from Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. This includes research partners as well as private sector and civil society organizations from the agroforestry and land use sector to ensure practical relevance.

Project Management HSRW

Prof. Dietrich Darr
Project lead
Dr. Jannike van Bruggen
Project coordination
Dr. Zhyldyz Shigaeva
Regional project coordination
Prof. Florian Wichern
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Work Package Lead (HSRW)
Prof. Jens Gebauer
Horticulture (HSRW)
Philip Schierning
PhD candidate (HSRW)
Prof. Thomas Henle
Food Chemistry (TU Dresden)
Dr. Jamila Smanalieva
Food Chemistry (TU Dresden)
Meerim Tynarbiekova
PhD candidate (KSTU)
Aidai Bapaeva
PhD candidate (KSTU)
Prof. Dirk Bockmühl
Hygiene and Microbiology, Work Package Lead (HSRW)
Binal Dobariya
PhD candidate (HSRW)
Robert Beinio
Managing Director (bb med. product GmbH)
Markus Lauer
Managing Director (A+S BioTec GmbH)
Prof. Dirk Bruckmann
Transport Logistics, Work Package Lead (HSRW)
Gerald Herrmann
Founding Director (Organic Services)
Almanbet Nurlan uulu
Research Assistant (HSRW)
Prof. Dietrich Darr
Agribusiness, Work Package Lead (HSRW)
MD Sofiullah
PhD candidate (HSRW)
Emil Begimkulov
PhD candidate (HSRW)
Klara Dzhakypbekova
PhD candidate (University of Bonn)
Prof. Dirk Reiser
Sustainable Tourism, Work Package Lead (HSRW)