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Food processing technology

Work Package 2

In order to make better use of the potential of forest and agroforestry fruits, research and development work is needed to improve the quality of processed products from such raw materials. This is done, for example, by reducing the food additives used in dried fruits (sulphur dioxide). Moreover, given the different raw material qualities, national food standards for wild products are necessary. For the development of the standards and certification, analyses of the nutrient content and physio-chemical properties of cultivated and wild fruits are necessary. Developing innovative product prototypes or extracting valuable ingredients such as pectin from wild fruits can help make better use of the potential of local AF and NTFP foods.

Main Objectives:

  • Development of aerosol treatment method for apricots/further AF fruits with natural acids to replace sulphurisation in the drying process
  • Conducting physicochemical analyses of selected product samples according to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and further certifications
  • Determining the physicochemical properties of raw and processed AF/NTFP fruits from wild collection vs. cultivation and development of national standards
  • Improvement of extraction methods for valuable secondary plant substances from for-est fruits (e.g. pectin from wild apples)
  • Development of a product prototype of forest fruits for mass assortments (e.g. fruit bars) according to the requirements of producers and consumers