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Culinary tourism development

Work Package 6

The acceptance of sustainable farming practices by small farmers in Central Asia depends on the availability of markets for agroforestry products. Building on the region’s enormous potential as a natural tourism destination, market niches for locally produced, sustainable agroforestry and NTFP products will be identified and developed. Since nuts, fruits and other products are of great local importance and reflect the culture and traditions of the region, their collection, production and processing offer significant potential for the development of authentic food and culinary tourism offerings. Such offers can change the consumption behaviour of tourists in the long term, provide alternative income opportunities for the local population and can improve the image of NTFP and agroforestry foods in local and international markets.

Main Objectives:

  • Analysis of agroforestry sites and food in Central Asia regarding their tourism potential
  • Determining the preferences of (international) tourists with regard to local AF food products
  • Attitude of rural households towards food/culinary tourism
  • Concept development for sustainable food/culinary tourism
  • Testing of the tourism concept in cooperation with tour operators